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ProfileManager is a software module used for creating 2D-profiles for production on a press brake. During the creation of the profile, the software automatically calculates   the number of bending  solutions in real-time. The part program is generated immediately.
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  • Multiple drawing methods:      

- angle/length
- direction/variable length
- direction/fixed length
- draft method ("touch and draw")

  • Insert segment at start/end/within profile
  • Zoom on drawing
  • Display of dimensions during drawing
  • Measure functions
  • Line adjustment to fit certain measurements
  • Parametric drawing
  • Messages concerning tools during drawing
  • Select tools during drawing
  • Bending sequence info during drawing
  • HalfBegin & HalfEnd function for arcs

Bending sequence & back gauge setting

  • Display course of bending sequence search
  • Search for ALL solutions
  • Saving of 25 "best" sequence (according to score)
  • Score for bending sequence (parameters: collisions, safety zone for fingers, motions, production time)
  • Score for gauging quality
  • Select different bending sequence
  • Extensive solution search for arcs (e.g. 180° arc)
  • Retraction taken into account during solution search
  • Display of production info during back gauge setting
  • Automatic retraction calculation
  • Display target retraction
  • Move finger over adjustable distance
Bend Manager
Bend Manager