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The Dual-axis control type 210 is a low-cost but highly accurate point-to-point system, with 2 CNC-controlled axes.
Once the axes are in position, an output is set which can operate a certain device, whether it is a drill, punch, saw, etc..

The control monitors the tool's Top Dead Centre (TDC) and Bottom Dead Centre (BDC), to allow the automatic program to select the next program line.

Standard features:

  • 5" monochrome LCD display
  • AC or DC single axis back gauge control
  • 8 programs / 100 steps (basic software; extended capacity optional)
  • Automatic or manual mode
  • Absolute or incremental positioning
  • Gauging correction
  • Auto-reference of preset mode
  • Repetitions and dummy steps
  • mm/inch
  • Jogging
  • Spindle correction
  • Built-in test- and service routines & parameter lists


  • Personalized front cover
  • 8 function keys to which auxiliary outputs can be assigned
Dual axis control type 210
Dual axis control type 210