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Designed using the know-how and experience of many years, the RC4400 offers everything you need to fit the high demands in contemporary punching. The high-speed control, fast processing and  intuitive user-interface result in an innovative system capable of handling simple as well as complex tasks.
Similar to other Robosoft top-level controls, the RC4400 is driven by high-performance, PC-based hardware, allowing very fast processing of data and highly accurate calculation of punching operations.

From the initial idea to the production of the part, the RC4400 is your ideal partner for punching productions.

The highly advanced controller software "RoboPunch" offers a vast amount of features, making it one of the most complete packages available today. The simple layout of the user-interface allows direct access to the desired functions, thus creating optimum operator convenience.

Real-time simulation with adjustable settings guarantees a continuous monitoring of the entire production process, along with immediate response to possible problems.


  • High-performance PC-based hardware
  • 15" color TFT display (optional touch panel)
  • 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Front panel protection cover
  • Pump activation and emergency stop integrated on the control panel
  • USB-drive

General control functions:

  • Unlimited number of programs
  • Extensive program management via harddisk, USB-drive or network
  • Table editing (XY-position + tool)
  • Program code editor for G- and M-code programming
  • Real-time code information
  • Macro editing
  • Production simulation with various simulation settings
  • "Last" function in case of sudden shutdown or power loss.
  • "Start from hole" function
  • Visuallization of program progress
  • Various counters: hits (total/tool), cycles, ...
  • Time calculation
  • Program info and axis info
  • Real-time readout of axis positions
  • ToolSets with floating tool positions
  • Tool setup adjustment during production
  • Graphical database of tools and Multitools
  • Import tools, special tool & custom tools
  • Visualization of tool progress
  • Adjustable finger positions
  • Edit sheet dimensions
  • Real-time feed adjustment
  • Workpiece info
  • Jogging
  • Manual or automatic referencing

Other features:

  • Network connection
  • Mm or Inch
  • Parameters
  • Diagnostics and service routines
  • Language support
  • Conversion DSTV to DXF (optional)
  • Planning software RoboPlan (optional)
  • DXF to PGP conversion software RoboTool (optional)
RC4400 Graphic Punching Control
RC4400 Graphic Punching Control