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RoboPlan is an optional software package that has been developed for part- and sheet preparation for a punching machine.  It is in fact an order processing program. It must be used in combination with the Robosoft Punch firmware, i.e. RoboPunch (RC4400 Punching Control).
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  • Creation of new job (= production)
  • Adding of orders to the job
  • Open a job
  • Edit existing job
  • Sheet list in function of the job
  • Show missing tools in relation to current ToolSet
  • Sequential punching supported
  • Import of external orders
  • Manual nesting (RoboPlace) + automatic ISO generation
  • Define/choose sheet
  • Import/edit nested sheet
  • Placing of parts (DXF) on the sheet using different functions: move, copy, rotate, mirror and array
  • Automatic nesting (RoboNest) + automatic ISO generation
  • Nesting of the sheet in function of job, date, priority, available tools and available sheets
  • Next nesting is prepared while current is being executed
  • Toolsorting
  • Sheet list + pre-cut sheets
  • Nesting at 90° angles
  • Processing of needed tools (ToolsPropose) with different colours
  • Order info
  • Monitoring modules for display of job- and machine status
  • Automatic unloading in function of order and job
  • Last in, first out
  • Parts done, parts to do
  • Show current, prepared, next, previous or top sheet of the stack
  • Feedback bad parts
  • Sheet lost function
  • Report when order is finished
RoBoPlan for punching machines
RoBoPlan for punching machines