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RoboTool is mainly used for converting DXF to ISO. When converting a DXF, RoboTool automatically generates the ISO-  instructions for the punching machine or laser/plasma cutter. The generated ISO can then be edited or optimized. RoboTool has been designed for use on a PC.
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  • Conversion DXF to ISO
  • Open DXF or DXF3D
  • Choose ToolSet
  • Delete ISO
  • Edit generated ISO: length, position, tool, toolpath
  • Show: as connected plane, as item, filled, as microjoint
  • Show auto / show previous
  • Visualisation selected item
  • Visualisation non-punched areas
  • Readout of hole and contour dimensions
  • Used tools information
  • Display of ISO-code
  • Select tool from toollist + visualisation of tool
  • Select part + visualisation DXF
  • Check for drawing irregularities
  • Manual placing of microjoints
  • Automatic placing of microjoints

- with/without microjoints on corners
- 1 microjoint on each corner
- 1 microjoint on each line

  • Fit fingers on part function
  • Fit part on sheet function
  • Move DXF (in relation to defined zero-point)
  • Rotate DXF (at 90° angles)
  • Save to disk
  • Undo/Redo
  • Zoom mouse or keyboard
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Parameter list