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Driven by high-performance, PC-based hardware, the TC5400 allows very fast processing of data and highly accurate calculation of plasma burning operations.

Combined with a high-quality plasma cuttern, the TC5400 represents a most desirable system for demanding, high-precision and high-volume sheetmetal productions.

The touch panel effectively reduces the number of keyboard- and button actions to an absolute minimum, allowing the user a straightforward, intuitive control of the entire production cycle.

The TC5400 is however also available without touch panel (standard TFT).

The highly advanced software "RoboTorch" raises the bar for other plasma software on the market. The simple layout of the user-interface allows direct access to the desired functions, thus creating optimum operator convenience.


  • High-performance PC-based hardware
  • 15" color TFT touch panel display
  • 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Front panel protection cover
  • Power activation and emergency stop integrated on the control panel
  • Integrated plasma source control and safety control
  • Possible interfacing with manual and automatic plasma sources
  • Air evacuation control
  • Multi-axis X/Y1/Y2/Z contour control
  • USB interface

General control functions:

  • Unlimited number of programs
  • Extensive program management via harddisk, USB-drive or network
  • Real-time feed adjustment
  • Plasma state readout
  • Arc voltage readout
  • Workpiece info
  • Time calculation
  • Jogging
  • Manual or automatic referencing
  • Assign new home-position
  • Snap to path function
  • Dry run (cutting path test without actual burning)
  • Technology selection via editable cut charts
  • Monitoring of consumable lifespan
  • Manual settings for overriding cut chart
  • System diagnostics
  • Plate function for program positioning in relation to the table
  • Automatic or manual torch-height control

Other features:

  • Network connection
  • Mm or Inch
  • Parameters
  • Diagnostics and service routines
  • Language support
  • Manual (English or native language)
TC5400 Plasma Control
TC5400 Plasma Control