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Automated bending system

Today's high requirements concerning productivity, quality and production speeds lead to an increasing demand for automated bending systems. For a couple of years now, Robosoft offers a unique approach to robotised bending: a seamless fusion of hardware and software that results in fast and direct production, where the first product is immediately correct.


The product is processed in a specific software suite, developed by Robosoft. First the product drawing is imported and the material properties are defined. Then the software is able to propose the most ideal tool setup, still leaving the opportunity to make manual adjustments.


Then there's a fully automatic bending sequence search.

Unlike similar systems, this software is capable of finding all possible bending sequences in a very short amount of time. After finding the optimal bending sequence, the robot program is ready to be simulated and approved for immediate production. In other words, the robot program is created entirely in function of the product to be produced. No additional teaching or calibration is required!


By simulating the robot program, it's possible to test the production process in a virtual representation of the actual bending cell, where the user even has the option to add, displace or remove objects. The integrated collision detection is able to find occurring collisions with all possible obstructions in the virtual cell and adjusts the program where necessary in order to avoid them.


First product = correct

Thanks to the innovative programming method and the fact that the robot program is based on the bending program, all possible factors (e.g. angle calculation, material properties, etc.) are taken into account during the preparation of the program. This results in a product that is produced correctly from the first time, ensuring a continuous production with no down-time in case of a production changeover.

Plate handling

Depending the specifications of the product, the robot can be equipped with standard or custom manipulators, whether they be mechanical, pneumatic or magnetic. This makes that almost any kind of product can be handled by the robot.

The base plate is placed on the V-die and once the bend is finished, the robot moves to the most ideal grip position and takes the product to the appropriate position for the next bending step. This results in fast and precise production from the taking of the base material to the stacking of the finished product. The high positioning precision even eliminates the need for a classic back gauge, in this way avoiding possible conflicts between two positioning systems.


1. Quick and easy installation

The plug-and-play concept of the Robosoft robot bending system ensures  an installation of most bending cells within a single day. This includes on-site installation and start-up of the bending cell. Operator training of the bending cell usually takes no longer than two days.

2. First produced part is immediately correct

Robosoft's high level of technology know-how results in a system where robot and press brake are able to work together seamlessly. This results in the first produced part being correct from the start, thus significantly increasing production rates and machine availability.

3. Total control from a single unit 

The Robosoft high-performance bending control is a centralised unit that is able to control the entire production process, i.e. the press brake, the robot, access control, etc. from a central spot in the bending cell.

4. Start producing right away

Robosoft's powerful software guarantees a superfast pre-production process, where the time between product drawing import and robot program generation is reduced to mere minutes, or even seconds for simple products.

5. Low learning curve

The programming software for the bending cell as well as the control's firmware isn't only easy to learn, it's also easy to master and any experienced press brake operator can work with it in no time. Moreover, thanks to the programming software, no robot knowledge is required to operate the system.

6. Continuous high-precision production

The robot performs all bending operations at a constant speed and at the highest precision, which results in identical high-quality and high-quantity productions, time after time.

Automated bending
Automated bending