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Robosoft versimpelt programmatie plaatbewerkingsmachines

Robosoft versimpelt programmatie plaatbewerkingsmachines

11 January 2019

Robosoft uit Ieper is al bijna 35 jaar gespecialiseerd in het ontwerpen en ontwikkelen van software en CNC-besturingen. Sinds de eerste geautomatiseerde robot in 1986 is de technologie veel veranderd. Dat blijkt uit de software dat het West-Vlaamse bedrijf heeft gemaakt. Die is niet gebonden aan verschillende merken van robots en plaatbewerkingsmachines. De sturingen van Robosoft werken op alle machines voor vlakke platen: scharen, plooibanken, ponsmachines, lasersnijmachines en plasmasnijmachines. Niets is te veel gevraagd. 

Danny Peeters purchases bending cell:

Danny Peeters purchases bending cell: "I'm a machine enthusiast."

"My two kids are 11 and 12. If I want to give them a modern company that can survive in Europe, I simply cannot give them a company that works in the old way. I want to give them a 'ready for the future' company. And Robosoft will be part of it", says Danny Peeters, CEO of the Peeters Group and recent owner of a Bending cell.

The main advantages to automated bending!

The main advantages to automated bending!

Today's strict requirements concerning productivity, quality and production speed have led to an increasing demand for automated bending systems or robot bending systems. For several years now, Robosoft has improved upon its unique approach to automated bending.

Why update your pressbrake? 8 good reasons!

Why update your pressbrake? 8 good reasons!

Every company with small to extensive machinery will sooner or later face the same problem. Even though you are still satisfied with the performance of your machines, in comparison to new machines they are just not as fast, not as safe and they don’t offer the same possibilities.


Robosoft specializes in the design and development of CNC-controls and software, mainly for industrial sheet metal machines, such as press brakes, punching machines, shears, laser/plasma,...


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