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Robosoft RoboStudio is an off-line software package for the creation and simulation of robot trajectories.

It can be used to program all kinds of robot operations, such as pick-and-place operations, machining, welding, riveting, loading/unloading, painting, assembly, bending, etc.

With Robostudio, it's possible to create trajectories for multiple robots in a production cell.

Starting from 3D-CAD data, a virtual representation of the robot environment can be created, guaranteeing high-detail simulation of the robot processes.

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  • "Cell builder", a module used for creating a virtual robot cell (robot, grabber, tool, periphery,...)
  • Trajectory import
  • Trajectory creation (limitless number of points)

- by importing multiple file formats (DXF, IGES, ISO, VAL3,...)
- by determining points in 3D-space
- by teach-in on PC-level (buttons or coordinates)
- contour detection
- object snap
- macros

  • Trajectory simulation
  • Trajectory verification
  • Trajectory modification by moving, adding, inserting and removing trajectory points
  • Automatic collision detection between all selected objects in the simulated environment
  • Correction of collisions
  • Automatic detection of the robot reachability
  • Automatic creation of the robot program
  • Possibility of multiple robots
  • Selectable robot type
  • Possibility to create components by assembling geometrical objects with variable dimensions (cubes, cylinders, spheres, etc...)
  • Choice of the robot tool
  • Import of robot tools
  • Creation of simplified robot tools